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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fun!

Albert Pujols.

If only this guys spoke better English, he would be the greatest American in... well, America!

Whether you love the Cardinals or hate them, only an idiot would be able to say that Albert is anything less than a class act who (until the 104 names drop) has played the game the right way. He is one of the most humble players in the league and never fails to dominate (even with a lingering elbow injury). Not to mention, the guy is looking to entertain the home fans of St. Louis when he partakes in this years Home Run Derby! It's going to b...

Wait, what? I'm sorry... what did you say?

He's not? Are you friggin' kidding me?! What a sell out! That 'roid-ridden jerk! I can't believe him! I freakin' hate him so much!

I'm sorry. That was a little out of line. But what the heck? It was just reported yesterday that Big Al was going to be swinging for the fences on July 13th...

Allow me to bring in my man, Lee Corso for this one:

"Not so fast, my friend!"

Here's what Pujols said about the claims:
"I know they're using my picture and everything to promote the All-Star Game, but I have never heard that."

"When is the All-Star Game, six months from now? If my elbow's not healthy, I'm not doing it."
Well great... I guess it won't be so bad watching Alex RĂ­os throw up 2 home runs a round. Let's just hope somehow Josh Hamilton is back again and will shoot up (poor choice of words?) 28 in the first round.

Oh well, if you too are frustrated with Pujols, maybe this video will help lift your spirits. If you have unconditional love for Albie, then this video will help keep you distracted at work.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! Forgot to mentioned the fact that he also said he doesn't even know if he would be a good candidate to partake in the home run derby! Just another offside side quote to show how humble he is!

Anonymous said...

You Love him cause he's good! You hate him cause he makes your team look bad!

Nikunj said...

I think yall should do a post on the Dominican Republic players and how everyone that is from there is outrageously good!
Albert Pujols
Carlos Pena
Jhonny Peralta
Jose Reyes
Vizcaino (went blank with his first name)
Aramis Ramirez
Luis Castillo (sorta good)
Jorge Sosa
Jose Valverde
Manny Ramirez (HUFF)
Miguel Tejada (not a fan but hes good)
Hanley Ramirez
I could go on forever and thats just of active player and who knows about the players before my sports knowlege! You can't forget how small the Dominican Republic is and to have so many people being legends in the MLB has to mean something!
Vladimir Guerrero
David Ortiz
Pedro Martinez to name a few more off the top of my head!
Thats like saying all these players came out of South Carolina!

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