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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korked Bats Archives - Let's Get Ready To Rumble (The Bison)

In honor of our first year birthday coming up at the end of the month, we here at Korked Bats bring you yet another Korked Bats archived post. Think of it as a "Best Of" type post.

This archived Korked Bats post is from February 19th, 2009. It was written shortly after the new Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly the Seattle Supersonics) unveiled their new mascot to their fans during halftime of a home game.

To put it nicely, Rumble The Bison just might be the ugliest mascot to graze the world of sports mascots... Ever. This post was a lot of fun for the really obscure references that Rumble The Bison looks like. We hope you enjoy!

• • •

The Oklahoma City Thunder unveiled their new mascot on Tuesday evening in front of a near sell out crowd at halftime of their game against the New Orleans Hornets.

What could their mascot be? Their nickname is the Thunder.

Hmmmm... Let's think.

Oh, I know!

How about a bison?!

Yup, a bison.

Oh... Sweet... A bison.

A mascot that is just as exciting as the city it represents.

Oklahoma City could have chose an accountant as their mascot and it would have been more entertaining.

Why a bison?

It seems like the actor from the Beauty and the Beast Broadway play left straight from rehearsal to dance at halftime of the Thunder game without changing his costume.

Who gets paid to come up with this?

His name is Rumble the Bison. He has quite an intriguing story. If you have time, check it out here.

In his first entrance, he was lowered from the roof of the Ford Center playing the drums. So your first impression of him would be that he was cool! Because everyone who plays the drums is cool, right?

Then ole Rumble decided to show off his sweet dance moves for the crowd.

Watching the Thunder Girls is one thing, but watching them dance with Tom Hanks from Cast Away just doesn't appeal to me.

And it shouldn't appeal to anyone else. Unless maybe to the Hendersons.

Along with the dancing, Rumble wanted to show off his athleticism by performing a couple gravity defying slam dunks.

Well, unfortunately for OKC they picked Rumble to be their mascot and not Teen Wolf, because Rumble missed both dunks that he attempted.

But it was nothing new for Thunder fans. They are used to seeing missed dunks. ZING!

But let's give the organization the benefit of the doubt, it's hard to come up with a mascot for a sound. I mean, what does Thunder look like anyway?

Well, apparently Oklahoma thinks it looks like a wookie.

I guess the players and front office people were getting homesick for Seattle and wanted something around to remind them of their roots.

I just don't understand why a new team went to all the trouble to invest in a mascot costume and a person to be the mascot when there are other fully capable people of being a mascot who are out of work. He's pretty much an animal anyway.

I apologize for being so harsh on the "new guy", it's just for your first impression, you would think he could have trimmed up a little. Just get a little haircut and not look so shaggy.

Sorry, enough beating around the bush...

The Oklahoma City Thunder's new mascot is flat out UGLY and GROSS!

Any other Rumble the Bison mascot jokes or look alikes? Post a comment below with your thoughts.


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