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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vince Young's Career To-Do List

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Tennessee Titans Quarterback Vince Young made some guarantees that many fans and media persons find will be hard for the former Pro Bowler to accomplish. However, Vince didn't tell Esquire ALL of the things on his career to-do list:

Be the next black quarterback to win the Super Bowl

Be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Retake the Wonderlic Test and get better than a 6 (out of 50)

Polish National Championship ring

Keep shirt on at parties

Go to a parties that girls will actually be at

See the newest Harry Potter movie

Deny any other offers to be on the cover of Madden again

Streak across University of Texas campus

Then streak down 6th Street in Austin, TX

Then streak to party that no girls will be at

Learn to wear helmet properly

Forget how to wear helmet properly

Polish National Championship ring again

Maintain second string quarterback job

Be the next black quarterback to at least START for Titans

Be the next black quarterback in outer space

Be the next black quarterback to win an Oscar

Be the next black quarterback to be a white quarterback

Work out

Check and see if National Championship ring needs polishing

Polish National Championship ring

Build a time machine, go back to start of 2008 season, don't get injured in Jaguars game, lead Titans to a 10-6 record, barely make playoffs and lose a close game in the first round. Maintain starting role for 2009 season, never make guarantees in Esquire magazine, which means this Korked Bats post never gets written...

With said time machine, go back to November 5th, 1955. Stop Biff from recieving Gray's Sports Almanac from future Biff. Help the McFlys kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and get back to the present in time to take Jennifer on a camping trip in the mountains in your sweet new Toyota 4x4 Pickup Truck!

Realize hoverboards don't work on water... Unless you have power.

Purchase newest copy of Esquire Magazine

Read the article about yourself while polishing National Championship Ring

Best of luck Vince, with ALL of your career goals!


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