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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

UK Forward Reveals Potty Story

Do you recognize that guy? No, it's not an overweight Gary Sinise. It's a mug shot of Billy Gillispie, previously the head coach of the greatest college basketball program of all time. You know, the guy that managed to lose blowout games at home against VMI & Gardner Webb and lead the once proud Kentucky Basketball program to a NIT quarterfinal loss this past season.

And then this stuff happened...

He got fired. Then he tried to sue UK for lack of reason for firing. Then he got a DUI while in town pleading his case (probably not a good strategy). He told the cops he had been golfing (it was 3am). Then countless details surface of his time spent in Lexington which include the following just to name a few:

  • Dating a UK student (slight age discrepancy there)
  • Forcing UK forward, Perry Stevenson (left) to eat an entire box of Pop Tarts after a game
  • Having players repeatedly fall to the floor for 10-15 minutes at a time as a punishment for loose balls not grabbed during practice
  • Refusing to recognize Jodie Meeks's record breaking 54 point performance against Tennessee

And then this...

During halftime of Kentucky's 77-64 loss to Vanderbilt last season, Gillispie forced UK sophomore forward, Josh Harrellson (below), to listen to the halftime speech from the bathroom because he was playing like "you know what". This isn't preschool, Billy. "The bathroom was connected," Harrellson revealed in an interview with the Lexington Herald Leader Monday. "I still listened to the game plan. I still watched what he (Gillispie) was doing."

"I wish you had flushed the toilet," Perry Stevenson said to Harrellson after the game. Even though he behaved himself like a big boy didn't flush, you had better believe Gillispie wasn't going to let Harrellson off that easy.

In a decision sure to boost the morale of a student athlete in a mature fashion, Gillispie told Harrellson to ride back to Lexington in an equipment van and not with his teammates.

I wonder If he got shotgun? Hearing stories like these and remembering suffering through a 40-27 two year tenure filled with head scratching moments, I cant help but wonder if Billy G. was guilty of CUI (coaching under the influence) more frequently than DUI (he has 3 in the past decade). I'd be very surprised to see Gillispie land another major coaching job any time soon given his recent falling out that even M.C. Hammer can't touch.


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