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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Worst Team That Kicks Everyone's A**

I attended the Steelers vs. Titans game this past Sunday at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee. With their 31-14 win, the Tennessee Titans clinched home field advantage through out the AFC playoffs.

Following the game, most of the stadium stayed till the very end of the game. I decided make one last stop to the bathroom before hitting the road. While in the bathroom you got the regular, "Go Titans!" chants followed by drunken cheers. Then shortly after, a really drunk redneck guy comes into the bathroom. He decides to give a yell, but what he yelled could not have been any truer.

He said:
"How about them Titans?!"

People cheered.

He continued:
"We're the worst team that kicks everybody's ass!"

Somehow, someway, the Tennessee Titans keep winning. Congratulations to the Titans and to all Titan fans as they enter the playoffs as the top AFC team.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Moment of Silence

Here at Corked Bats we only felt it necessary to take this time to mourn the loss of the only spring football that this country knows.

So join us now as we take a season long moment of silence for the Arena Football League.

We will miss all our future Kurt Warners, legal touchdown celebrations, field goals being attempted from a team's own 2 yard line, crappy video games, the clearing out of the stadium shortly after a game to prepare for the Barnum Bailey Circus that performs in the arena for the next three nights, Bon Jovi, and the fans who sit front row who look like they just got back from the filming of the movie, Deliverence.

R.I.P. Arena Football League
(at least for one year)