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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brett Favre Set to Talk With Manny Ramirez About Michael Vick's Ideas on Alex Rodriguez concerning Roger Clemens

In what could quite possible be the ultimate sports story ever reported in the last two years, (un)retired-hopeful Brett Favre is set to talk with suspended Los Angeles Dodgers' outfielder Manny Ramirez about ideas proposed by ex-Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick on Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez concerning steroid-ridden pitcher Roger Clemens. The two (Favre and Manny) are set to meet somewhere in Favre's home of near a lake somewhere in the south.

They are meeting to discuss ideas circulating from some place somewhere from Alex Rodriguez, which Rodriguez, when reached for comment, says were, "some stuff he said about something, but wasn't all that important." Unfortunately for Alex there has been a slack in media coverage surrounding his recent career, so no further word could be aprehended. It is under suspicion that these statements, which were "probably said aloud maybe," most likely have something to do with distraught ex-QB Michael Vick's ideas concerning Roger Clemens. Vick was in a car doing something probably, and most likely only making $10/hour at the time, so he was unable to be reached. Clemens, who was out doing that stuff to help take care of that thing you've heard about, was busy when we attemped to reach him, but Rusty Hardin, Clemen's lawyer spoke out on the allegations that Clemens did something: "My client wasn't probably not involved with this situation, and it is an outrage to think alike or otherwise without thinking about it a whole lot."

Sports fans are going crazy over these developments, excited to see their five favorite athletes back in the news, finally, after each has quietly gone about his own business in the shadows.

Craig Nance, a 31 year old car salesmen from a town, said, "It'd been almost 30 minutes since ESPN reported on Brett Favre, so it was refreshing to see them find some more shit to waste my time talking about."

Jessica Culberson, a 24 year old mother of some, was relieved at the story, "At least I didn't have to watch NHL highlights or something, those are just so damn boring." Jessica cradled her baby "I mean, it's nice to switch things up and hear about Vick and Clemens for a change. And at least it's not some obscure sport like baseball."

The blogging world will have to reaquaint itself with the lives of these five under-the-radar athletes, where one blogger says, "Favre has been retired for too long to think he can connect with this new, younger audience that has seemingly forgotten him. I wish him the best of luck."

It is still somewhat uncertain what exactly the athletes will discuss, but the most common guess is a way to increase their public exposure.

Friday, May 22, 2009

If Athletes Were TV Stars...

Well I've had a draft of the NFL Draft up for about 3 weeks now but with school finally releasing its grip on the woo-woo's, it is finished. As a site that brings you glorious and always steamy articles on sports and recreation, I've decided to bring you a curve ball. I wanted to test the waters and bring John Rocker blitzing in from the bullpen to mix up the game. In a weekend that 95% of the world is worrying about "important" things, 5%, including myself, were parked on a couch/recliner/baseball stitched beanbag/Lovesac/indoor hammock/bathtub (don't let the tv slip in the bathtub!) Through this weekend of bliss, I began to talk with fellow korker, Austin Huff. We both are not ashamed to get seriously involved in a serial drama show. In fact, most of our relationship is built around it. And we're not ashamed. Well... Ashamed enough to not talk about it with anyone else, but lucky for us, this is "The Best Sports Blog That Nobody Reads." From there, Austin got off my knee and we started brainstorming for this year's "If Athletes Were TV Stars". This rigorous process is what makes our professional athletes the actors they should have been.

Korked Bats'
If Athletes Were TV Stars

Michael Oher - Baltimore Ravens OT - Ryan Atwood (The O.C.) "Rags to Riches"

Drew Rosenhaus - High Profile Sports Agent - Ari Gold (Entourage) "An Extremely Successful Agent Who Always Gets His Way"

Thomas and Julius Jones - RB NY Jets, RB Seattle Seahawks - The Chase Brothers (Entourage) "The Greatness That Is Film vs. The 5 Towns That Is TV"

Chad Johnson - Cincinatti Bengals WR - Marissa Cooper (The O.C.) "Rebel Child"

Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant - Heidi Montag and Laruen "L.C." Conrad (The Hills) "We Used To Be Good Friends..."

Donté Stallworth - Cleveland Browns WR - Kevin Volchock (The O.C.) "Mr. Hit and Run"

Kerry Collins - Tennessee Titans QB - Bill Buchanon (24) "The Crafty Vet"

Esera Tuaolo - Former NFL DT - Luke's Dad (The O.C.) / Lloyd (Entourage) "Switch Hitter"

Chris Henry - Cincinatti Bengals WR - Justin Bobby (The Hills) "A Dirty Guy Who Keeps Screwin' Up"

The Cincinatti Bengals - Audrina Partridge (The Hills) "Why Do They Keep Taking Him Back?!"

Terrell Owens - Buffalo Bills WR - Whitney Port (The City) "Moving To A New City, But It Will Probably Only Last 1 or 2 Seasons"

Albert Pujols - St. Louis Cardinals 1B - Frankie Delgado (The Hills) "The Most Entertaining Latino"

Stan Van Gundy - Coach Orlando Magic - Mr. Belding (Saved By The Bell) "Because He Looks Like Him in This Picture"

Al Davis - Owner of The Oakland Raiders - Michael Scott (The Office) "World's Best Boss"

Jay Cutler - QB Chicago Bears - Jim Halpert (The Office) "Transferred to Another Branch Due to Romantic Complications with Co-Worker"

Michael Phelps - Team USA Swimmer - Seth Cohen (The O.C.) "A Good Boy Who Experimented with Marijuana"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kornheiser Out

ESPN announced this week that on their Monday Night Football broadcasts this fall, Tony Kornheiser will be replaced by former NFL head coach, Jon Gruden. (Insert huge sigh of relief here) Don't get me wrong, I love Tony K. He is hilarious on PTI. But apparently, that's it. I found him very annoying and hard to watch on MNF. Not to mention the constant and extremely obvious tension between T.K. and Ron Jaworski. It was like listening to that snobby know it all kid who we all had in an elementary school class rant and brag about God knows what. After a while you just want to turn to him and tell him to shut the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks up! (Because we weren't aloud to say hell back in elementary school)

Lucky for us, we won't have to have that feeling this season. ESPN announced that they are no longer pardoning T.K.'s interruption. Instead, the Worldwide Leader in Sports felt that broadcasting the biggest weeknight in the NFL was Child's Play. Jon Gruden will now be joining Mike Tirico and Jaws in the booth for the 40th season of MNF.

Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea with this post. I am a huge Tony K. fan. I watch PTI almost everyday and believe that he is not only hilarious but also a very very intelligent man. Everyone has their perks. Tony's is PTI and obviously not commentating football. Don't worry, there are other people in your same boat, Tony. You had a good run.

Now the baton has been passed to Mr. Gruden. Will he be a hit? Only time will tell. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited for the change. In fact, Jon Gruden was on my list.

"What list is that, Austin?" you ask with a curious smile on your face.

I'm glad you asked, because that's what this whole post is about and I needed to transition to it somehow. The list referred to earlier is the list I started conducting last season while watching MNF each week. So without further adieu:

Voices I Would Rather Hear on MNF Than Tony Kornheiser

Vin Sculley
The man has a voice of an angel. An 81 year old angel. This guy's voice is legendary.

Chalton Heston
A deep rugged voice that just has manly written all over it. I know he passed last year, but if we could just get some tape recordings of his voice and just play them in between downs, that would be awesome! He would turn broadcasting football into an art form. Just listening to his voice can put hair on your chest.

Yankees' PA Announcer Bob Sheppard
At 98 years old, this guy still has got it going on. I wouldn't mind him talking a little football with the boys in the booth. The only problem would be trying to explain to him that there is no DH in football.

Tirico: "Michael Turner breaks this run open for a gain of 24 yards. What happened on that play, Chewy?" Chewbacca: "WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Tirico: "Thanks Chewy! 1st and 10 now on the 33 yard line."

Bobcat Goldthwait
This guy has got one of the nastiest and most annoying voices in the history of the planet. However, I just want to show you all how adamant I am about having someone other than T.K. in the booth while I watch MNF. Ok... Actually the more I think about it, the more I regret this decision. There is no way I could listen to this for 4 quarters of a football game.

Mark Wahlberg
I just like to hear this guy talk. Plus, in between the analysis he makes, he'll tell you to say hello to your motha' for him.

If Screech ever says anything really stupid, Tirico and Jaws could just look at him and say, "Oh Screech!" And then the scene changing music will play and we all move on to the next play.

Gilbert Gottfried
I'll admit, this guy has an annoying voice. But how funny and ironic would it be if he read the 'Aflac Trivia Question' each night? I would enjoy it.

Stewie from Family Guy
Who doesn't like it when Stewie talks. His overly abundant vocabulary for a one year old, his outrageous plots to take over the world, and his subtle hints of being gay would all factor in to one enjoyable game of Monday Night Football.

Farmer Fran from The Waterboy
I enjoyed watching this guy for not only all of The Waterboy but also in his small part in Joe Dirt. Guy likes to see homos naked, that don't help me.

If anything were to happen with Tony's job on PTI, I would raise hell. There is nothing better than the Michael Wilbon - T.K. relationship on Pardon The Interruption. However, the bickering between Jaws and T.K. just wasn't enjoyable or amusing. Bring on Gruden and let's get this NFL season started already!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirty Sanchez

New York Jets' quarterback, Mark Sanchez, agreed to posing in a GQ photo shoot. We don't really have a joke about this at all... We just figured the photos will make you laugh enough.

Risky move, Mark. You haven't even taken a snap in the NFL. If you're a bust, these pictures will really come back to bite you in the butt. (Which we are secretly hoping for, because we will have a field day with it.) We hope you lost a bet or something. Because we all know you didn't need the money.

(Photos: Carter Smith/GQ)

L.A. Likes It A Lot-tery

Who says it's impossible to win the lottery? An NBA team does it once a year. What about this year? Well, the Los Angeles Clippers won the NBA lottery granting them the first pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

When the news broke to Blake Griffin, he answered with an expressionless, "FML."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Beginning of an Era

My Chiefs added Matt Cassel in the offseason, giving me hope again. I have been very excited ever since. In the first full squad practice of the year how did things go? I'll give you one hint...

That's right, Dwayne "Stone Hands" Bowe dropped it.

Can't say I am ecstatic about the future here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Meltdown is Imminent

You are cordially invited to the possible demise of Jared Launius.

I'm starting this post at 2:15 central time (15 minutes before the Rockets and Lakers tip off Game 7 at Staples Center). In case you aren't aware, I love Kobe Bryant as much as platonically possible. I grew up a Lakers fan because of him. I've stuck with him throughout his enigmatic career. I wrote a novel about him in February that you likely didn't read. I find him to be simultaneously overrated and underrated. I've spent more time theorizing about his career than Troy spent theorizing how to "make it" with Andy in the Goonies.

And now, here we are. This Lakers-Rockets series has been the epitome of Murphy's Law ("what can go wrong will go wrong")- not for the Rockets, but for the Lakers. If Yao hadn't gone down for the remainder of the Playoffs with a broken foot, the Lakers probably would've won this series in five. But now, Houston's group of scrappy role players are playing with a terrifying "we know we're overmatched and undermanned, so let's just go small and create a nightmare match-up that the Lakers have had little time to prepare for and can't keep up with" edge. The Lakers have responded by losing their will to play winning basketball.

I don't care that this game is in LA. I honestly think the Rocket's will win.

As your treat, you all will get a real-time diary that could potentially provide raw emotional despair, curse words, and my eventual death.


1st quarter

11:40- Kudos the the Staples Center crowd. They are usually disinterested early, but they really seem to have a grasp as to how important home-court advantage is in this game.

9:38- Ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation out of Los Angeles that Trevor Ariza is in fact alive and capable of playing basketball. I'm certain your family will be happy to hear from you, Trevor. I'm sure that your absence has worried them. I know it's frustrated me.

7:38- On a similar note, I'd also like to welcome Andrew Bynum back from the dead. Congrats on grabbing your first rebound since January.

2:13- OHHHH! So Derek Fisher and Trevor Ariza are capable of knocking down three pointers? Andrew Bynum can rebound AND block shots? Kobe Bryant knows how to set up jump shooters? Pau Gasol doesn't always have to be a physical center's bitch? Jordan Farmar can create shots for others? The Lakers know how to close out on shooters and play 5 feet off of Aaron Brooks to keep him out of the lane? WHY CAN'T YOU DO THIS EVERY NIGHT YOU TOUCH THE FLOOR?!?!?

0:00- Well it looks the the Lakers are going to run away with this one. Sorry, America. You lose out. I was ready to set the Korked Bats record for most cuss words in a post. It would've been a lovely meltdown.

2nd Quarter

10:53- I'm not sure which makes me more angry: the fact that this series has gone seven games, or the fact that that Lakers are capable of being a good defensive team and they just choose not to be until they absolutely have to. How about I end the suspense for you, Lake Show. YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PLAY DEFENSE IN EVERY GAME OF THE PLAYOFFS. Otherwise you get taken to seven games by the Chuck Hayes All-Stars.

8:29- I've never enjoyed watching one of my favorite teams run away with a game less. Where has this effort been the entire series? If you want viable proof that the Lakers have the talent to beat the Cavs in the Finals, watch game seven- right now, they have a 14-point 2nd quarter lead and Kobe Bryant only has 2 points. If you want to know why they neither deserve to nor will win the title, watch games 1-6 (excepting game 5).

6:22- The Lakers are rotating over on dribble-drives, actively using their hands on defense, and keeping the Rockets out of the lane. Where has this been all late-April and May? The Lakers have held the Rockets to 17 points through almost 18 minutes of game time on a paltry 26% shooting, have forced 6 turnovers, and are rebounding, winning 50-50 balls, and bodying up. When they play like this, there is no team in the NBA that can beat them. When they play like that.

3:19- A defensive breakdown just led to a wide open Von Wafer dunk. That's the first easy bucket the Rockets have had this game. Defense, huh? Who knew?

0:00- Here's the first half in a statistical eggshell:

11- That's how many rebounds Pau Gasol has at halftime. I'm glad it only took him 4 games to learn how to dominate the glass against a 6-foot-6 center.
4- Kobe Bryant has 4 halftime assists. This team functions best when they run the offense through him and he doesn't just take every decent look he gets.
.25- That's Kobe's field goal percent. What's significant about that? the Lakers are 2-0 in this series when Kobe shoots over 50%. They're 1-3 when he shoots under 50%. Soooo, this is a a good sign for the Lakers because it means they aren't relying on a monster night from Kobe to win.
2- Aaron Brooks' combined made field goals and assists. He's been the barometer for Rocket success in this series (he's averaged 26 points in their wins and 11 points per game in the losses). The Lakers have made him a jump shooter, and he's responded by only making 1 of 6 shots.
11- The Lakers have 11 combined blocks and steals- that puts them on pace for 22 in this game. They've averaged 12.3 combined steals and blocks in their losses in this series and 19 in their wins. Oh so it's defense that wins games in the playoffs? Who knew?
8- That's the number of cynical comments I've made about Laker defense and rebounding in this post. That puts me on pace for 16 in this game. I've average 15.3 in Laker wins in this series and 120,934,872,394.4 in losses.

3rd Quarter

12:00- Wake me up when I have something to scream about.

8:44- Before this post is dissolved down to snarky comments about things going on in the game, allow me to get this out really quick- Shane Battier is the best 1-on-1 defender in the NBA. I've watched Kobe play go up against Pippen, Tayshaun Prince, Bruce Bowen, Raja Bell, James Posey and so on. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone play him better than Battier has in this series. He's been able to keep him out of the paint and has his hand two inches from Kobe's face on literally every jump shot he takes. So impressive. If Kobe doesn't embrace Ron Artest and Shane Battier after this game to thank them for giving him an incredible battle, I'll be sourly disappointed.

5:14- What do you think Ron Artest really thinks about during basketball games? I will literally murder you if you elbow me again, Kobe. Literally, murder you. Or maybe: Do they know what we are capable of, Ronny? No, they don't know what we can do, Ron-Ron. We will destroy them. We will destroy the others. Yes Ronny, we will destroy them.

1:56- I just caught a quick glimpse of the mustache on one of the referees and briefly entertained myself at the thought of Tim Donaghy coming back to the NBA offices to apply for a refereeing job looking exactly the same as he did when he got busted for betting on games except sporting a big, fake mustache.

0:00- For further proof as to how good Battier is at defending Kobe, watch the "Where will amazing happen this year" commercial with the clip from Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in 2000. Scottie Pippen (albeit, a bit past his prime) was guarding Kobe, and he blew right by Pippen to set up Shaq for the game-winning alley oop. I'm not saying by any means that Battier is a better defender than Pippen, but Kobe hasn't blown past Battier like that all series.

4th Quarter

12:00- Oh goody, Von Wafer has just checked in! I like to play this really fun game with Von called "Guess how many seconds it will be after Von Wafter catches the ball until he shoots it." You're usually safe guessing something around 1.5 seconds. I'd say that's close to his season average.

8:37- Wafer has attempted 3 of Houston's 4 field goals this quarter. This is such a fun game.

7:33- You know the Lakers must be winning a blowout if Sasha Vujacic is knocking down jumpers.

6:45- Some running titles for what we should call it every time Luis Scola and Pau Gasol collide in the paint: Nightmare on Lane Street, Bumping Fuglies, Make the Children Leave the Room, Basketball: So Easy, Cavemen Can Do It, My Worst Nightmare, Instant Death, New Lens, Pandemic Blindness, and "The NBA: Where accepting of all types of people happens."

5:41- DJ MBenga. (That's the whole joke. You can laugh)

1:20- I was about to do a quick bit about how much respect I had for the Rockets for taking this series to seven games and for playing the right way, but then DJ MBenga dunked and I was lost in laughter for the remainder of the game.

0:00- Well I'm sorry folks. You didn't get Christian Bale-like meltdown out of me, and for that I apologize.

By the way, I think Von Wafer just shot another three pointer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Korked Bats Look Alikes - Omar Tomlin

Actor Omar Epps and Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Does anyone else see it?!

(Special thanks to Julian Wiggins)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun!

Finals week, (for 4 of our 5 writers) is finally over. Time to celebrate with a video and a "Friday Fun!" post! We will now get back to bringing you consistent posts here on the best sports blog that nobody reads!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Korked Bats Award

The award for:

The Most Likely
Look Like
Doctor Emmett Brown

When He Gets Older

goes to...

Eric Byrnes
Left/Right Fielder
Arizona Diamondbacks

Don't believe us? See for yourself:

If Eric's slugging percentage was .730 points higher, it would be:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rick of the Outfield

After colliding head first into the center field wall and being carted off the field, Rick Ankiel was released from the hospital this morning with no fractures or any serious injuries. Surprisingly.

He will rejoin the team today for their second of three games against the Phillies, although he will not play. Rick, on behalf of baseball fans everywhere, we are very thankful that you are going to be OK after what appeared to be a scary moment for not only Cardinal Nation, but all of Major League Baseball.

Now, with that being said...

Read the following in the tune of the 'George of the Jungle' theme song:

Rick, Rick,
Rick of the Outfield
Hustles more than all,
Watch out for that wall!

Rick, Rick,
Rick of the Outfield,
Goes hard against the wall,
Hold on to that ball!

I Don't Mean To Brag...

For anyone who says Twitter is stupid doesn't know what they are talking about. I am a strong believer that the 140 character constant status updater is a relationship building (or starting, in this instance) tool.

Tonight, while watching the Dodgers game from my laptop on MLB.TV, I decided to send a little Twitter message to fellow Dodger fan and famous actress, Alyssa Milano. For those of you who don't know, Alyssa is probably one of the biggest Dodgers fans in Hollywood. She is present at numerous Dodger games every year, has her own MLBlog and has started her own MLB clothing line for women. Not to mention she is more attractive than most women (see picture below).

I'm not going to lie, on this night I was feeling good about myself. So I sent Ms. Milano a direct tweet... errr, twit... twat? no.... whatever, you get the idea.

Here is what I sent:

ahuff32: @Alyssa_Milano Are you watching the Dodgers game right now?!
11:41 pm May 4th, 2009

I know, right?! Pretty forward if you ask me. After sending this message, I went back to watching the Dodgers game. Although, it wasn't long before I had to refresh my Twitter page and check to see if she wrote back. First attempt, unsuccessful. I guess I should wait longer than 24 seconds before I refresh next time. I gotta give her time to respond. One minute later, I noticed that I had a direct tweet waiting for me.

Who was it from? None other than Alyssa Freakin' Milano! Here's what she said:

Alyssa_Milano: @ahuff32 5-2 Dodgers.
11:42 pm May 4th, 2009

SHE WAS WATCHING! It was 5-2 Dodgers at that point in the game! I didn't know what to do? So I peed my pants. Then quickly after, to keep this intriguing conversation going, I wrote back!

ahuff32: @Alyssa_Milano Atta girl! I have a paper to write, but just can't get enough of my Dodgers... Thank goodness for MLB.TV!
11:43 pm May 4th, 2009

Probably not the best thing to reply with, but I didn't care. I was in the freakin' zone! I was talking with Alyssa Milano! I knew that this was just the beginning of a long term relationship.

Who knows what could be next? Maybe:

Alyssa_Milano: @ahuff32 You're kinda cute. You should come out to LA and go to a Dodger game with me. It would be nice to watch with such a big fan such as

Alyssa_Milano: @ahuff32 yourself.

And then we start seeing each other... And probably later on down the road, we get married. Heck, we already have one thing in common with our undying love for the Dodgers. There have been marriages started on less than that! Heck, like J.P. says in Angels in the Outfield, "It could happen!"

She never responded to my second tweet.

But I didn't care. I had already held a conversation with Phoebe from Charmed. What more could a guy like me ask for?! Well, how about another conversation with the beautiful actress? That's right, I was about to pull a George Costanza and double dip. I just want to see the @ahuff32 right next to Alyssa Milano's twitter name and profile picture. Who wouldn't?

At around the 7th inning with the Dodgers up 6-2, I decided to ask her another question about the game that from her previous tweet, she was obviously watching.

ahuff32: @Alyssa_Milano
Too early to say 11-0 at home this season?
12:04 am May 5th, 2009

Yup. I am still waiting for a response to that one. However, she did kinda hint toward something in another update a few minutes later.

So... This was a good tweet day! I didn't have to block anyone. LOL! Thank you. Until we tweet again...
12:11 am May 5th, 2009

You see that? I think that tweet was indirectly directed toward me. She said it was a good tweet day. Was it because I tweeted with her? Who knows? Then she said she didn't have to block anyone. Including me. Followed by a laugh that was out loud. She has a great sense of humor. Then she thanked me and said until we tweet again. Hubba, hubba! Right?

Eh? No? Well... I like to think that it was directed toward me.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I think it is really cool how such a big name celebrity like Alyssa Milano takes a chunk of time out of her day to reply to as many people as possible on Twitter. That is really cool of her because I know a lot of celebrities on Twitter just ignore anyone who they don't know. So thanks, Alyssa. I can call you Alyssa now, right? It's me Austy Bear! We twittered earlier tonight. Remember?

Oh, and for all you doubters out there, here is my proof:

If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow Korked Bats! We won't bite, we promise.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Korked Bats Award

And the Korked Bat Award for:

The Most
Nonathletic Looking Athlete

goes to...

Brian Scalabine
Center - Forward
Boston Celtics

Every time I watch this guy play basketball I feel like I'm watching Jason Segel in an episode of 'How I Met Your Mother'. I think the Celtics just signed him to be the comic relief.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Korked Bats Look Alikes - Vinny Del Wilson

Chicago Bulls Head Coach Vinny Del Negro and Actor Luke Wilson.

Does anyone else see it?!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Defending the Youth of the Nation

I enjoy the NFL draft very much. I used to always get sucked into the hype, but have not tried to keep my cool until that weekend.

A lot of people recently criticized underclassman quarterbacks, pointing back to recent history and saying that a lot of them fail. Furthermore, they applied that logic to this draft class and said that it is a much higher risk than a senior quarterback. This is very true that a lot of them fail. I can't deny that. Even with that being the case, I still would not rule out Stafford, Sanchez, and Freeman. Here is why:

A lot of quarterbacks fail regardless of class standing. Underclassmen fail. So do seniors. See Cade McNown, J.P. Lossman, David Carr, Akili Smith, and Matt Leinart (Yeah I said it!).

The other reason why I believe more underclassman fail is because you see a lot of small school guys or people who played at weaker programs who had a monster year and want to capitalize on the hype. Andre Ware went to Houston, Ryan Leaf went to Washington State (not a perenial powerhouse, but a somewhat legitmate school), Alex Smith went to Utah, Tim Couch went to Kentucky (big school with very little football production), and I throw J.P. Lossman of Tulane in there because he only started his senior season.

The difference between all of those guys and Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez is USC and Georgia versus Utah, Houston, Tulane, etc. None of these guys were surprises. They have been legitimate talents their entire lives. The same is true with Josh Freeman. All 3 of those guys were 5 star recruits on rivals their senior years of high school.

Alex Smith, the only other quarterback on the list with a rivals profile I could find, was 2 stars. I know its a small sample size, but I still can't imagine guys like Andre Ware and J.P. Lossman being much higher than that.

If the big 3 from this year did go back their senior years, they would still be first round draft picks (maybe not Freeman, but the other 2 are definite locks). The same may not have been true for Alex Smith, Ryan Leaf, or Andre Ware (Heisman and all).

I am not saying there is not a good chance that these guys could be busts. Using my same logic, Rex Grossman should have been a lock. I just think that the underclassman thing is not really all that valid. If the Chiefs did not have the best young arm in the league, I would gladly take any one of these guys (although I liked Bradford the most).

Anyways... I had a few more draft observations.

1. There has been this recent fad among analyst in saying that the combine actually does not matter as much as the fans think, and that a guy can only do so much. That in fact scouts base a lot of projections based upon performance in college.

That is ridiculous. Ray Maualuga was a top 5 pick on a lot of boards before the combine. I guarantee that you can not find a mock draft dated before the combine that him outside of the first round.

Also try to find me a draft that has Aaron Curry in the top 5 before the combine.

2. I am thankful that Jeremy Maclin slid all the way to the Eagles, and did not land anywhere in the AFC West. I am excited to see McNabb and the Cheat Code hooking up for long bombs all year.

3. There is no defending Al Davis' crazy. That draft was abysmal. I normally think it is insane to try and rate drafts the next day, but to take a safety that no one has heard of at the very beginning of the second round is obnoxious. Prove me wrong, Al.

4. I got to give a shout out to my school... Did you know Mizzou had more draft picks than the rest of the Big 12 north combined, and the most in the Big 12? Anyone who says Nebraska is the still the king of the north is delusional.

Overall, a very fun draft. I am excited for next year, and can't wait to see who the Chiefs will take with the 32nd overall pick.

Friday Fun - Hide Your Puppies!

It was announced this week that everyone's favorite quarterback/dog abuser Michael Vick will be released from prison on May 20th. He will then serve the rest of his sentence in home confinement until his sentence ends on July 20th.

I think from here on out the league's most electrifying player will think twice about electrifying his dogs in pools of water.

For today's Friday Fun, we wanted to share with you a humorous video about Michael Vick's new dog training company. Enjoy: